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Shihlin FA Group partnership with name brand manufacturer with long-term ODM / OEM orders from Japan and European firms.

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SDE Series High Efficiency Servo

SDE Series High Efficiency Servo

High resolution (22bit) , Capacity from 50W to 3KW.

SE3 Series High Performance AC Drive

SE3 Series High Performance AC Drive

Advanced drive for IM / PM motors (max 22kW).

SC3 Series Compact AC Drive

SC3 Series Compact AC Drive

Compact Size, Capacity from 0.2KW to 5.5KW.


SC3 Series Compact AC Drives | SDE Series High Efficiency SERVO Manufacturer | Shihlin Electric - Automation

Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corporation - Automation is a leader in the domestic market with advanced technology in heavy electrical systems, electrical equipment, machinery and automation for 60 years. Their main products include SC3 Series Compact AC Drives, SDE Series High Efficiency SERVO, SE3 Series High Performance AC Drives, etc.

ISO, UL, and OHSAS 18001 certified, received KEMA, SCB10-GB certificate for cast resin transformer, Shihlin Electric - Automation is a leading solution provider in motion control and energy saving products. All automobile equipment and heavy electric products are manufactured with 100% burn-in testing, in-house manufacturing, key components from Japan and Europe, material and automatic inspection to ensure it's precision and high standard.

Shihlin Electric - Automation has been offering customers high-quality AC Motor Drives & Servo Motor Drives since 1955, both with advanced technology and 60 years of experience, Shihlin Electric - Automation ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • SDC Series
    SDC Series
    Basic Servo

    Shihlin SDC Series Servo Drive is designed for controlling low inertia motors. The SDC Servo Drive can work with SME Series low inertia servo motor to reach the best performance. The SDC Series has fast and accurate load inertia measurement and it has made the real-time auto-tuning become simpler. The SDC series has excellent performance and features including frequency response up to 2kHz, frequency vibration surpression, friction and backlash compensation. Furthermore, the SDC Series complies with UL and CE certificate.

  • SDE(-P) Series
    SDE(-P) Series
    High Efficiency Servo

    Shihlin SDE(-P) Series Servo Motor and Drive is the best choice of cost-effective motion control for automation applications. With an evolutional performance and features such as User-friendly real time auto tuning, 3 times speed frequency response up to 1.2kHz(2kHz for -P model), 22 bit high-resolution encoder and Max 6,000 rpm etc. All models are in compliance with international standards.

  • SDP-E Series
    SDP-E Series
    EtherCAT Servo

    Shihlin SDP-E Series EtherCAT Servo Motor and Drive is the ultra-evolutional design motion control for advanced industrial machineries, the series is the 1st Taiwanese manufacturer certificated by ETG with the outstanding performance and features such as one touch tuning, friction and backlash compensation, electronic cam, and shortest communication cycle time in the industry.

  • SDP-A Series
    SDP-A Series
    Pulse-type Servo

    Shihlin SDP-A Series Pulse-type Servo Motor and Drive is the best solution for the pulse-type control servo system. The SDP-A series is using 24-bit encoder and it has high speed response up tp 3.2kHz to achieve accurate and fast motor control. In addition, the SDP-A series also support linear motors, DD motors and HEIDENHAIN linear encoders. Shilin also provides "SHServo_Soft", the software with user-friendly interface and it's always ready to give the users the very best experience in motor control.

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