SE3 Series

Shihlin AC Drive SE3 Series

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SDE Series High Efficiency Servo

SDE Series High Efficiency Servo

High resolution (22bit) , Capacity from 50W to 3KW.

SE3 Series High Performance AC Drive

SE3 Series High Performance AC Drive

Advanced drive for IM / PM motors (max 22kW).

SC3 Series Compact AC Drive

SC3 Series Compact AC Drive

Compact Size, Capacity from 0.2KW to 5.5KW.


Closed Loop AC Drive | Shihlin - Ranked No.1 electrical manufacturer in Taiwan with more than 60 years' experience.

Located in Taiwan since 1955, Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corporation - Automation a is a leading solution provider in motion control and energy saving products. Main products, including Inverter, AC Drives, overall solutions, servo motors, HMI, etc.

The company has been a leader in the domestic market with advanced technology in heavy electrical systems, electrical equipment, machinery and automation for a long time. In the overseas market, the company has also performed splendidly after cautious deployment and hard work.

Shihlin Electric - Automation has been offering customers high-quality AC Motor Drives & Servo Motor Drives since 1955, both with advanced technology and 60 years of experience, Shihlin Electric - Automation ensures each customer's demands are met.

SE3 Series

Closed Loop AC Drive

Shihlin AC Drive SE3 Series
Shihlin AC Drive SE3 Series

Up to 1500Hz high-speed frequency output, the Shihlin SE3 series AC drive is new generation high-performance type AC drive supports both IM and PM motor. With multiple control modes such as speed / torque / tension / position and excellent overload endurance, the drives are able to handle complex and large sudden load changes applications. The SE3 is a reliable solution for tooling machineries and industrial automation.


  • Up to 1500Hz High-Speed Frequency Output.
  • One Expansion Card Slot for Closed-loop/Communication/Relay card
  • High Accuracy For Steady Speed (< 0.02% in closed-loop).
  • Support Induction Motor (IM) and Synchronous Motor (IPM & SPM) Control.
  • Control Mode: Torque / Position / Speed
  • Built-in PLC Function.
  • Excellent Overload Endurance and Environment Protection.
  • Supports Various Communication Protocols: Modbus / Profibus / DeviceNet / CanOpen / EtherCAT
SE3 wiring

Power Range

SE3 Power Range


  • CNC tooling machines, air compressors, mixers, woodworking machines, packaging machines, centrifuges, injection machines.
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SE3 using torque control

SE3 on tapping machine

SE3 on plate

SC3 AC drive how to use external button and potentiometer to control tutorial p79=2

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