History and Milestones

Automation Factory, located in HsinChu Taiwan since 1973.

Hot Products

SDE Series High Efficiency Servo

SDE Series High Efficiency Servo

High resolution (22bit) , Capacity from 50W to 3KW.

SE3 Series High Performance AC Drive

SE3 Series High Performance AC Drive

Advanced drive for IM / PM motors (max 22kW).

SC3 Series Compact AC Drive

SC3 Series Compact AC Drive

Compact Size, Capacity from 0.2KW to 5.5KW.


Shihlin - Ranked No.1 electrical manufacturer in Taiwan with more than 60 years' experience.

Located in Taiwan since 1955, Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corporation - Automation a is a leading solution provider in motion control and energy saving products. Main products, including Inverter, AC Drives, overall solutions, servo motors, HMI, etc.

The company has been a leader in the domestic market with advanced technology in heavy electrical systems, electrical equipment, machinery and automation for a long time. In the overseas market, the company has also performed splendidly after cautious deployment and hard work.

Shihlin Electric - Automation has been offering customers high-quality AC Motor Drives & Servo Motor Drives since 1955, both with advanced technology and 60 years of experience, Shihlin Electric - Automation ensures each customer's demands are met.

History and Milestones

Automation Factory, located in HsinChu Taiwan since 1973.
Automation Factory, located in HsinChu Taiwan since 1973.
Our founder, Mr. Hsu Chin De
Our founder, Mr. Hsu Chin De

With heartfelt celebration from all the staffs, SHIHLIN ELECTRIC is now welcomes its sixth decade of operation. The retrospection of how our institute progressed in early stage shows that it has close connection to Taiwan's economic growth, from fundamental infrastructure and exploiting electric resources, to public construction and enhancing the average level of the whole industry. Shihlin Electric keep bettering company construction by cultivating incoming quality talents and strengthening foreign partnership, in order to accumulate our global competitiveness for a brighter future.

Year Achievement
1955 - Shihlin Electric was established by founder Mr. Chin-Te Hsu.
1963 - Technology cooperated with Mitsubishi Electric Japan.
1966 - Manufactured 69kV class power transformer.
- Automobile & motorcycle parts plant.
1969 - Public stock exchange listed.
- Switchgear Panel Plant.
1972 - Current / Voltage transformer plant established.
1973 - Breaker & switch plant established.
1979 - Manufactured 161kV class Power Transformer.
1984 - Factory Automation plant established.
1988 - Cast resin transformer plant established.
1990 - Mrs. Suzanne Hsu succeeded Mr. C.T Hsu as Chairman.
1994 - Automobile & Motorcycle plant established in Vietnam.
- Received ISO90001 certificate.
1995 - Automobile plant established in Chang-Zhou, China.
- Breaker & Switch plant established in Xia-Men, China.
1997 - Headquarter office building completion.
1998 - Received ISO14001 Certificate.
1999 - Mr. Emmet Hsu succeeded Mrs. Suzanne Hsu as Chairman.
- System engineering & optoelectronics division.
- Digital products sales division.
2000 - Manufactured 345kV class power transformer.
2001 - Capacitor plant established in Su-Zhou, China.
- Automobile plant established in Wu-Xi, China.
- Automobile Plant established in Fu-Zhou, China.
2002 - 345kV, 650MVA Power Transformer in service.
- Global R&D center established in Taiwan and China for FA products.
2003 - 161kV SF6 transformer, GIS, 24kV CRTR & Panel delivered to Taipei 101.
2004 - Oil immersed distribution transformer plant established in Vietnam.
2007 - Received OHSAS 18001 certificate.
- Received KEMA, SCB10-GB certificate for cast resin transformer.
2008 - 345kV, 717MVA transformer in service.
- Shihlin Electric USA Ltd. established.
2009 - Shihlin Electric AUS PTY Ltd. established
2010 - Breaker & Switch plant (JV with Mitsubishi Electric) established in Xia-Men, China.
2013 - Changzhou Shihlin Mitsuba Electric & Engineering Co. Ltd.
2015 - Factory Automation new plant established in Suzhou, China.

Our History

Welcome to Shihlin Electric

Established in 1955, with interests in research and development in manufacturing as well as marketing integration, Shihlin Electric has grow our footprint from Taiwan into Global.